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Take a few minutes to explore some of these out-of-the-way features and see if any of them might bring a useful boost to your work routine. Hidden among Android’s accessibility options are some powerful productivity tools that can add value to any smartphone setup. I sent a mail to the Android development group who is working on accessibility option on 5.0.1, but after two weeks I haven’t even gotten an acknowledgement. They are on the setting menu under their respective areas. I’ve gone thru all that apply to me several times already. Go into your settings, enter “my device” go in to “sounds and notifications” Scroll down to “notifications” press “while locked” and choose “show all content” This should solve it.

For example, a music player can implement this to start and stop playback, or a recording app could start and stop recording. For example, a photo app might have a view that deletes its corresponding photo in response to a flick gesture. Return an array of UIAccessibilityCustomAction objects to make custom actions for an element accessible to an assistive technology. VoiceOver user will perform a double-tap to activate the item.

How To Install Magisk On Your Rooted Android Device

It is very closed to this old unanswered question How to debug accessibility service? , but in my case, the service appears disabled, and I do not need to stop it and start it again. Most of the features you could want in a mobile office suite are available with the free versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android phones. For instance, Word lets you tweak the format of text and change paragraph styles right from the ribbon. You can also add bullet points, and edit the overall page layout.

  • The platform allows users to customize it any way they dim fit.
  • Click “Start to Unlock” to proceed after confirming your device information.
  • This SaaS solution does not require any technical setup.
  • STAPLES Center recognizes the needs of persons with disabilities and has met or exceeded the requirements of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and California accessibility mandates.
  • While the vast majority of bloatware won’t actually do anything harmful, these unwanted apps take up storage space and system resources that could be used by apps that you actually do want to use.
  • After activating Select to Speak under Accessibility tools, all you have to do is tap on any item on the screen.
  • Backup all your data and restore your phone to factory settings.

In the latest developer preview of Android 12, it appears that Google has cleaned up the accessibility menu and made it a whole lot easier to navigate. Android Management API and Android Device Policy handle steps 4 and 5 automatically, meaning there’s no development effort required to communicate policy settings to devices. All Android devices that an organization manages through your EMM console must install Android Device Policyduring setup. Android Device Policy is an app supplied by Android that automatically applies the management policies set in your EMM console to devices.

How To Hide The Top Notch On Android Smartphones Like Huawei P20, P20 Lite, Or P20 Pro

The bootloader is executed before Android Accessibility Suite apk the OS of a phone starts loading. The bootloader in every Android device instructs the Kernel to boot as it should. When a problem occurs with the bootloader, a device will not know how to boot correctly. This can result in the device displaying the phone’s logo then powering on and off repeatedly. This loop will go on until the problem is resolved. It should be noted that neither of the advanced troubleshooting should be done as a first step.