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Use caution when allowing your data to be stored and synchronized through the cloud. Asreported by Android Authorityin see this article July 2016, SwiftKey temporarily suspended it’s cloud-based service when data cross-user data leak into auto-correction suggestions. While the incognito mode is on, the keyboard will stop learning from your text entry.

Currently, there is no mention of the app for iOS meaning Microsoft is currently testing this feature with Android users first. This feature isn’t live just yet, but we expect it to go live very soon. Microsoft which purchased Swiftkey in 2016, brought many new features to the application on Android and iOS. The company however ignored the Cloud Clipboard support for the Swiftkey application for reasons unknown.

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It looks at clusters of words, instead of strings, which means it can understand the meaning of the sentence before you fully type it. Neural Alpha, which has been available on the Google Play app store since October, can complete whole sentences, and someday entire emails, for you. While the app is a runaway success, reports have circulated Microsoft may be more interested in SwiftKey’s artificial intelligence research. The co-founders confirmed that the takeover will not come at a cost to new users. Microsoft is believed to have a keen interest in the firm’s artificial intelligence research, including its recently launched Neural Alpha app, which could make its Cortana assistant more accurate. The London-based start-up behind the app has been brought into the Microsoft fold in a deal worth an estimated $250 million (£174m).

  • If you’re running iOS 8 then SwiftKey is an absolute must-have.
  • In April 2016, SwiftKey released a keyboard that emulated William Shakespeare’s speech called ShakeSpeak celebrating the 400th year of the author’s death.
  • Kinda went back to stock for a while until I found this baby.
  • The app was co-developed with VisitLondon.com to promote more tourism to the metropolitan area of London.
  • News has a clean design, customizable topics and sources, and a nifty dark view.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for Android has received an update. The update brings redesigned Thumb mode, and there’s also greater freedom to adjust and resize Thumb mode on your Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard app. Beyond that, the update includes no new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. The Microsoft SwiftKey beta app for Android will not replace the regular Microsoft SwiftKey app on your phone, but will be downloaded as a second app so you can switch between the two for comparison. I started with Swype keyboard way back in 2011, then eventually switched to SwiftKey after a couple years. However, I eventually grew frustrated with SwiftKey’s predictive keyboard and its absolute refusal to learn certain words that I used frequently (like my girlfriend’s name).

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If you use the ‘show password’ option on an app or website, that text field will no longer be identified as a password field. Microsoft SwiftKey is designedneverto learn from or predict what you enter in a specified password text field. It is up to the website or application you are logging into to build that specification into the field. On the other hand, if you are picky about a few aspects of your default keyboard and want a keyboard with the power of higher level customization, then SwiftKey seems to be a great choice. SwiftKey is a product of Microsoft and it’s one of the most widely used Android and iOS keyboard that you can find.

SwiftKey, which is installed on over 300 million Android and iOS devices, will continue to be developed under Microsoft’s ownership, or so the software giant says. Third-party keyboards are a popular category on both platforms, so it makes sense for Microsoft to want to keep it alive and not bury it like Sunrise. This would have the benefit of making Microsoft a better-known developer among Android and iOS users, of course. This brings me to SwiftKey, which I personally view as the best keyboard on Android and iOS, bar none. So far, Microsoft and SwiftKey have been tightlipped about the terms of the deal, so it remains unclear how much Microsoft paid and whether the firm plans to monetize SwiftKey’s app. However, many believe that the value SwiftKey’s app provides Microsoft pales in comparison to the way the company’s technology could enhance Microsoft’s products in the future.