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Gamification plays a crucial role in digital foreign language learning. Achievements and leaderboards replace the human encouragement element when learners study by themselves. The learner is more motivated to complete the course if their progress is recognized. Launched in 2013, Memrise is one of the best Duolingo alternatives out there. The first lesson is absolutely free and available on both Android and ioS devices.

  • It will only be repetitive in the first 2 lessons because this is the best way to introduce a completely new language, after researches from language teaching experts.
  • This is of course not necessary if you’re learning for leisure (why would you do that to yourself?) but if you’re a non-German speaker looking for work in Berlin, Duolingo will not be sufficient.
  • The bots should in theory get smarter the more they are used.
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  • This is bad, because learning a new language happens over a long period of time.

Try to say the sentence on your own and outloud with the correct pronunciation, and then answer the question. These wwre Download Duolingo APK for Android just a few examples of how to learn things with duo. Since you claimed that you messed up the Un/Uno or Él/Ella or that you couldn’t correctly count to 10, specially as these are amongst the first things one would learn with duo, I kinda feel like you weren’t really using the app at all. And btw, that 50 xp/day thing is not enough at all. I’m a med student and don’t really have too much free time, yet I tend to finish a lesson until level 5 everyday. It means that I’m gaining more or less 300 xp/day on average.

Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (cael), Including Cael Online

I find that Duolingo is the least useful of these apps. Its main advantage is that it’s easy and a small commitment if you decide to do one or two lessons every day. For the rest I don’t understand why it’s so popular.

The sample test is free, and you can take it as many times as you want. When you complete it, the sample test provides an estimated score range. Another important aspect of the exam is its duration. Really proficient speakers can even finish the exam in 45 minutes, but students who find the exam tough are given enough opportunities with questions they can manage, as the test adapts itself according to answers given by them.

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The reason why anyone would install your app to learn a language than enrolling in an institute is that they don’t have the time for a regular course. They can’t keep up with the demand for regular course work, so they would install your app to learn in their own leisure time. Which is why you should add illustrations into your app interface. Aside from making the interface look good, it can also work as an integral element of the user’s learning process. For example, when teaching them the word for apple, rather than just displaying a stock photo of an apple, you can show them a beautiful illustration of an apple. It will get the job done, and make your app look good at the same time.

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