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Supported this app with app purchase of SGD1000 worth of credits, and it just disappear over night. Found out later that the credits have an expiry, and kindly asked for an extension, but they refuse. They also instant banned my account shortly after for ridiculous reasons even though I had not violated any guidelines. And when I emailed them to ask why they just ignored my queries and copy pasted the guidelines to me back. I am not the owner of that account, and there is no way for me to prove this. Scammers’ haven, with lip service from Carousell admin when lodging complaint and worse, email correspondences are auto replied with standard statements.

  • No matter what size of sales you expect, there are definitely some great features for you to enjoy.
  • Due to the added complexities and costs of overseas shipping, we do not encourage buying or selling from a user based in another country at this point in time.
  • Carousell, a Singapore-based consumer-to-consumer marketplace app for iOS and Android, has raised a $1 million SGD (about $800,000 USD) seed round led by Rakuten.
  • The next time someone is in the market for buying your product or service, they’ll remember your expertise.
  • Image carousel ads don’t have to slide from one image to another, showcasing different products or services.

It might not be worth it to file a claim if the amount you are claiming for is low. As mentioned above, it will cost you at least $10 to file a claim with the Small Claims Tribunals. It might not make much financial sense to spend the time and effort going after the seller if the item you’re buying is not worth a lot of money. You’re scrolling through the Carousell app when something you want to buy catches your eye. You contact the seller, make an offer and transfer payment to the seller’s bank account. While Shopee does not charge you for commissions or for listing your items on their platforms, they do have miscellaneous fees since they offer useful seller features to make the process easier.

Not A User Friendly Platform

Even though there were 3 more buyers who were willing to pay more, I decided to stick to the first-come-first-serve ‘policy’. In the end, the buyer didn’t transfer the money or replied and I lost my other 3 buyers. Luckily download Carousell apk for me, the next offer was legit and I sold it.

Trader A pays the French seller 1,000,000 EUR for the goods. Contra-trading fraud is the further evolution of carousel fraud. The fraudsters evade government detection by using two carousels of traded goods where one carousel is legitimate and the other is not.

Carousel In British English

Anytime you want to add a package to the list, you mustappend to the list and not overwrite the existing packages in the list, otherwise your existing cloned apps will all disappear. You can get the current list of cloned packages by entering the “get” command from earlier in this tutorial. If you are already using the App Twin feature, then you should see either one or two package names returned with this command. If you aren’t using this feature, this string will be empty. Now, we will either append to the existing list or create a new list of apps to clone. Now, we need to get a list of package names that we will clone using the App Twin feature.

You can tap the overlapping circles to edit or add filters to each individual photo. Officially called “multiple-image posts” by Instagram, these are posts that feature up to 10 photos or videos that followers can swipe through. Before you can start using them, you need to define carousel posts.