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We are planning to add multiplayer for 2 mechanics in garage. All graphics, games, and other multimedia are copyrighted to their respective owners and authors. In this chaotic physics-based game, try to go to the next level by eliminating other opponents in levels, win all the races and become the owner of the crown. In Tank Trouble 2 you can play with up to 3 other players on the same computer, or by yourself against the CPU, so get ready for some hours of fun. Keep in mind the bullets bounce off the walls, so think twice before you start shooting around like a maniac or you may kill yourself. After that this car will have to perform the challenge.

VU offers several 2–year degree options, allowing for students to focus on automotive service, collision repair, or even diesel. The programs offer a straightforward approach, focused on helping students prepare for and enter the workforce in entry–level positions. The courses are taught by Master ASE–certified instructors in state–of the art facilities with small class sizes.

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You earn experience by working on cars and completing orders, to be spent on skill points like faster part installation, expansions to your garage and new tools. And every job nets you cash that you can put towards your own vehicles. That said, I hope you’re not in a hurry, because it takes quite some time before you can even afford your first banger. Car Mechanic Simulator is an incredible automotive game which lets you own, build, and fix, some of the coolest cars, putting you in the mindset of what it’s like to be a mechanic.

Plus, when you’re trained in all different types of vehicles, you’ll have a larger customer base, which means more salary as well. Those highly skilled in the mechanics trade can earn upwards of $44,685 annually. Well, simply put, it’s someone who inspects, maintains, and works on vehicles. I’m going to give you all the little tidbits of information you need to become an auto mechanic. Veterinary Technicians – Great medical career for all the animal lovers out there. Electrician Schools – Get started with a career as an electrician in your state.

Mfsat Internet Aplicación Personal Técnico Mod Apk

To ensure your best experience, the 3D Tuning app is integrated with 3DTuning.com so your creation will always be at your disposal. But, constant updates will be available on your smartphone device. With an extensive range of car options, you will never get bored using this app. Such as changing exterior color Game APK, painting the car, upgrading suspension level, and many more.

  • I feel the game could be great once some of these major issues are fixed, but the company is not off to a good start at all.
  • First appearance of the game when we start up is clean and simple which are good but some option need to be added which they will in upcoming patch.
  • Manage your own auto repair mechanic work shop located at the highway gas station like in other car parking games.
  • We get many new parts and cars, and a sensible experience system smoothly introduces the player to new things.

Available for free on Google Play, it comes in both easy and hard mode. The easy mode is easy because you can’t hear the time ticking. But hard level is time-bound and tests your visual skills as you have to search the stuff in a required time.