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Word Office APK for Android is available for free download. Video ads are not only irritating, they actually waste your time. Free ad blocker for Windows that can block all kinds of ads. It’s been a reliable standard on the Windows operating system for decades, and it’s regarded by many as the benchmark by which all other word processing platforms are judged. But as free and cheap competitors came to the market, Word was starting to lag behind in terms of relevance.

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This can be implemented using a Kotlin backing property. To change the value of the data held by the LiveData, use the setValue() method on the LiveData variable. MutableLiveData is a LiveData object whose value can be changed.

Most email clients have automatic sync enabled so you can receive emails without any delays. However, if you have changed any settings pertaining to email sync, that can affect how apps sync your emails. There are even third-party applications that let you view battery levels just by opening the case next to your phone. I use an app called AirBattery and haven’t had any issues with it.


There’s also the giant warning in the app about excessive battery drain when the feature is turned on. For example, I can still control my AirPods Pro’s playback on an Android phone by squeezing the stem of either earbud. I can even turn noise cancellation on and off with a long squeeze on either stem.

  • Auxilio is a student support APP aimed at the university and professional community.
  • But amidst the rumoring no one knew about Orwig and his group’s trek to the Final Four in Houston.
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  • The sadists who trek to Galveston during any given Spring Break deserve some kind of award for their bravery and patience.