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If in Fox Form use Leap of the Fox to engage low HP enemy heroes, following with Unpredictable then Blinding Light and Shining Light for the kill. Reiki Shot has high burst damage and 1 second casting time, I don’t recommend using this spell in close combat. Unpredictable can be used in a split second to avoid enemy spells that can give you an advantage in fights. If your team is applying pressure Fox Form is more useful, where Human Form is best for defending.

  • This game is free for download on any Android device with a 4.0.3 version up.
  • It becomes more efficient for us to focus on protecting our ally Marksman since our familiar can die a lot easier with the enemy being much stronger.
  • Endless Cycle offers Yorn the opportunity to die twice in the game without it being really bad because of the respawn it offers.
  • Lindis gameplayLindis is a Marksman that is played in the Jungle.
  • This new feature makes AOV will be more friendly to mobile phones with low RAM and memory.

Slowing effects combined with Soul Summoning provide for a good zoning tool. If you manage to hit the enemy with the first few spirits of your ultimate, it will be much easier to land the rest of them. In team fights, it comes down to the same principles as in the laning phase, latest verson of Garena AOV except it is more dangerous. Land ultimate from afar, place Soul Summoning to slow opponents down and keep normal attacks going while maintaining shield from Spiritual Blessing. A good wave clear, good movement speed and long-range ultimate, are the main advantages of this hero. Her ultimate is her strongest asset and yet, more often than not, at least half of it will go to waste, since almost every player is smart enough to get out of the AoE.

Akg Games Brings Melbits World In Southeast Asia

Your buddy list and installed games will be carried over to Garena. All you need to do is to download and install the new client. Explore the classic arena with 3 lanes filled with slots and towers.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK will give you this feature for free. Many other character unlock features will increase and unlock the unique abilities of your character. So Free fire is one extra battle royal game and what the best part about the game is that it’s really easy to understand and control. You can have a group of 4 in which you can voice chat with each other while playing the game as you do to any call.


That’s why they are always in the thick of battles, taking over the main enemy blow. Assassins – virtuoso and speed units, prefer to bypass the enemy from the back and a sudden lethal blow, send it to Kingdom come, not allowing even the fathom, What happened. Arrows are able to inflict maximum damage, best damagerami, but at the same time susceptible to enemy damage, Therefore, disable them easily enough.