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Creating a table or index in parallel has space management implications that affect both the storage space required during a parallel operation and the free space available after a table or index has been created. If you disable logging during parallel table creation , you should back up the tablespace containing the table once the table is created to avoid loss of the table due to media failure. For performance reasons, decision support applications often require large amounts of data to be summarized or rolled up into smaller tables for use with ad hoc, decision support queries. Rollup occurs regularly during a short period of system inactively. All of these DDL operations can be performed in no-logging mode for either parallel or serial execution.

For SQL statements parallelized by block range or by parallel execution servers, the workload is dynamically divided among the parallel execution servers. This minimizes workload skewing, which occurs when some parallel execution servers perform significantly more work than the other processes. Oracle can perform an operation in parallel as long as at least two parallel execution servers are available. If too few parallel execution servers are available, your SQL statement may execute slower than expected.

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  • Most parallel operations need at most twice the number of query server processes as the maximum DOP attributed to any table in the operation.
  • The V$PX_PROCESS view contains information about the parallel processes, including status, session ID, process ID, and other information.
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Internet locations for accessing further information on pandemic planning, whether for the workplace or the community, are provided at the end of this guideline. The employer must ensure that records are kept as required. A physician usually maintains such records (some large firms may have their own on-site occupational physician). Worker medical records are to be kept confidential and not disclosed or reported without the worker’s written consent to any person within or outside the workplace except as required by law. Education and training records should be kept for at least three years after the training session. Unlike medical records, training records are not confidential and can be inspected and copied as required by a WorkSafeBC prevention officer.

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Some workers may be allergic to natural rubber latex gloves. The WorkSafeBC pamphlet, Dealing with Latex Allergies at Work, should be consulted for more information and used as a resource by workers exposed to natural rubber latex products. The Laboratory Centre for Disease Control considers disposable, good quality, non-latex gloves made of vinyl, nitrile, neoprene, copolymer, and polyethylene to be adequate barriers to bloodborne pathogens. Appropriate PPE for occupational first aid attendants includes an approved particulate face piece respirator and latex or other waterproof gloves to prevent accidental contact with blood or body fluids.