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Each car handles more or less the same, which makes the gameplay easy to pick up even if you aren’t usually a fan of racers. You can play through challenges, race against your ghost in time trials, and use photo mode to snag images while you are midrace. A robust online mode also delivers tons of challenges and great races against other players that you won’t get anywhere else. Racing games allow you to go speeding along country roads, veer through turns and ram engine first into walls without the danger of actually harming yourself in the process.

Castlevania’s Canceled Dreamcast Game Lives

All asphalt oval race In Car Racing tracks, the same race tracks the IRL and NASCAR race on. Mario Andretti Racing Experience is the most realistic Indy-style driving experience offered. I rather get the feeling, however, that at the big NASCAR races, you really get a better seat in front of the TV, as the cameras have access to viewpoints the fans do not.

In fact, there are games on the Commodore 64 that are better than this. Some of you out there may share fond memories of the Dukes of Hazzard. I guarantee you that after one night of playing, no one will want to buy this game. Nostalgia may be a thing of the past, but it’s as good a way as any of disguising a mediocre game. Without The Dukes Of Hazzard licence, there would be no reason whatsoever to play this; the handling is a shambles, the graphics are glitchy, and the gameplay is largely uninspired.

Learn To Drive With This Game

As standalone headsets come over the next few years, it is an exciting time to be a fan of immersive racing games. Blinding speeds, a sci-fi setting, and a slick soundtrack. Wipeout is famous for being one of the best racing games out there, and this one is no exception. The PlayStation VR has its own realistic VR racer, which scratches the itch of those who own a Sony console.

  • If you don’t already know, Blur is a collision between stylish Need For Speed-esque cars and circuits with the kind of power-ups that Mario packs in his slacks before a go-kart race.
  • Car racing has evolved to be so much more than just watching fast cars drive around a track, so we put together this list of all the major types of auto racing that you can watch on TV and even take part in.
  • There are a few amateur open-wheel series that people can watch, likeFormula 1000.
  • Challenge the most skilful racers on the planet and become a world champion.
  • Private racing leagues are also quite popular on iRacing, where you can race under a custom set of rules at a designated time each week against a field of the same field of drivers.

Initially free to purchase, players have the chance to try five different tracks before deciding whether to indulge further in gaming nostalgia. The most expensive game on the list, Grid Autosport replicates the console experience of the game originally seen on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. More than 70 rally stages are on offer, varying between tarmac, snow, gravel, and dirt surfaces. Different weather conditions, and even fearsome night stages, add extra challenges for players.