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Please let me know if you know of any other freely available (time-unlimited trial) software to blur the background of photographs. The pane at the right side contains a menu called Adjustments. One operation is Blur (there is a water-droplet icon that appears with the label Blur). Now, you have the panel you can use to blur parts of your image. I used the Mac version for the samples of this post. How to blur the background of a photo using PhotoScape X is outlined below.

Honestly, I never thought I could find this kind of information in this blog. I joined the community only a few days ago and I have had so many good surprises! I love photography and until today, I never found an easy way to have this effect on my pictures.

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Previously capturing pictures in portrait mode was possible only via DSLRs, now the game is entirely different, all thanks to the advanced smartphone cameras. Yes, phones now come with a dedicated portrait mode that blurs the background of a picture automatically. You can blur any unwanted details by retouching with the Blur Photo Editor Background app. It is supported to adjust the click here brush size and intensity of blur effects. If you are not satisfied with the current photo blurring effect, you can undo and redo any operation freely.

A RAW version of an image may appear different from a JPEG one. For example, face-aware distortion correction is only applied to JPEG files. In some cases, a RAW version of an image may have more distortion but also greater resolution and an enhanced field of view. These lenses are plastic which allow you to create blur with your camera. They can be expensive as compared to apps that only cost a few dollars. But, they create cool effects in real time without any editing necessary.

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Just capture image using the camera option and blur it the way you want! Get the quality of blur image without professional cameras by using this blur camera. Learn how to create a blurry background image with CSS. If you are using an updated version of Photoshop, try using the “smart blur” option.

  • Now, let’s see how to use this software to blur an image background.
  • The blur will transition between the two circles.
  • • Add blur background on old photo or photos taken with one camera in one moment.
  • Read on to learn how to blur a distracting background in Adobe Lightroom.
  • This app offers few other photo editing options, which doesn’t make it the best if you’re looking to do more than just blur faces.