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Whether you’re a college student, gamer, work-at-home employee or a mom who simply enjoys keeping up with family and friends on social media, you need a high-quality laptop. Dell laptops fit this bill. In fact, the company did quite well in 2020 when it came to sales. According to Statista, Dell Technologies generated $92 billion in revenue in 2020.

Having little to no credit doesn’t have to stop you from investing in a Dell laptop, however, as there are several ways you can go about obtaining one.

Rent a Dell Laptop

There are actually several companies that make money by renting electronics and other items to customers. Rentex has a variety of laptops, including Dell. With this company, you simply select the specific Dell model you’re interested in renting and click the blue “Request a Quote” button. The laptops are available for rent for as little as ?one day? or as long as ?12 months?. Rentex will email you a quote in one business day, however, you can call ?800-574-1702? for immediate help.

If you’re looking for a Dell laptop that you don’t have to return, consider going with a company like Rent-A-Center. They let you rent-to-own. It’s important to note that you’ll end up paying more for the laptop in the long run than if you simply bought it in cash, but it is a viable solution if you don’t have the money upfront. Rent-A-Center also has physical stores you can visit, unlike Rentex.

Put the Laptop on Layaway

Plenty of stores offer layaway options for Dell laptops. Of course, with layaway, you won’t actually receive the laptop until you’ve paid your balance in full. Walmart is an excellent choice for this, and they actually have two options for customers. Layaway itself is available during the holiday season, which typically starts at the end of August and continues through December.

If you’re looking to buy outside of these months, you can apply for Wal, which comes with either a ?three, six or 12-month? repayment plan. There are no fees associated with this program and electronics are one of the eligible categories. You will have to pay interest on the purchase though. Of course, you can always go with Sears or Kmart, as they have year-round layaway options.

Take Out a Personal Loan

They won’t require a credit check and they may even provide the funds without charging interest. Before approaching the individual, come up with a payment plan that fits your budget. It would also be a good idea to show the family member your budget so that he or she will see you are serious and capable of repaying the money.

Should you not have any family or friends willing to front you the money, look for a personal loan lender who caters to individuals with bad or no credit. Keep in mind that these loans charge high interest rates, as borrowers are deemed more of a risk. Unless you have a pressing need, it’s better to save up the money and purchase the Dell with cash than go with the personal loan.

Go directly to Dell and sign up for their financing program. Pre-qualifying takes just a few minutes and it won’t affect your credit score. If approved, you’ll be issued a Dell payment plan with ?12 months? of financing.

If you join the Dell Preferred Account, you’ll even get ?6 percent? back in rewards. Oftentimes, the program features a variety of specials that you can take advantage of, such as $100 off a laptop purchase or 0 percent interest if the loan is paid in full within the first six months.